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Cross-Chain Insurance Protocol


In 2022, Forbes has reported that over $2 Billion worth of assets have been stolen from crypto bridges, making it one of the weakest links of blockchain extremely vulnerable to hacks and exploits.

Web3 architects and developers have still not been able to build a bridge architecture that is completely exploit-proof, hence the need to safeguard crypto assets persists.


To safeguard crypto assets from exploits, we have created an insurance solution for every crypto bridge out there. This ensures users' funds are insured while using Crypto Bridges.

Users’ can insure all their transactions on Crypto Bridges, and need not to worry about the funds being stolen or lost.

Features and Offerings

One-Click Insurance

directly processed at the time of bridging. No KYCs or Sign Ups

Atomic Coverage

every bridging transaction can be insured individually

MultiChain Support

support for every major Layer1 or Layer2 blockchain

No Additional Token

pay your insurance premiums using the token you're bridging

Features and Offerings

“Web3Shield bolstering the Cross-Chain Experience”

With Web3Shield Crypto Bridge Insurance, we provide a smooth one-click insurance experience so crypto holders can rest easy and transfer their assets. In the event of a hack/exploit that results in a loss of funds of a policy holder, they will be granted a claim to cover the loss.


Web3Shield is a product suite that offers innovative User-Centric solutions bringing the power of One-Click Insurance to end-users. 

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