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One-Click Insurance for Crypto Bridges!

Web3Shield is a one-click insurance for all cross-chain transactions on crypto bridges.

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Crypto Bridge Insurance!

Web3Shield’s Crypto Bridge Insurance is the first One-Click Insurance for all cross-chain transactions on Crypto Bridges

Crypto Bridges can seamlessly integrate our Insurance SDK, enabling end to end insurance without disrupting transaction flow.

Bridge Your Crypto, Stress-Free!

Many Problems One Solution

Irrecoverable Loss of Funds

Users can’t recover their funds if lost due to an exploit

Lack of Trust on Crypto Bridges

Users can’t trust the black-box process followed by crypto bridges

Ever Growing Bridge Hacks

With increasing bridge volumes, hacks on bridges are almost inevitable

No Transaction Assurance

No crypto bridge provides assurance to users while handling their funds

Features and Working

One-Click Insurance

directly processed at the time of bridging, No KYCs or Sign Ups

Atomic Coverage

every bridging transaction can be insured individually

MultiChain Support

support for every major Layer1 & Layer2 blockchain

No Additional Token

pay your insurance premiums using the token you're bridging

Features and Working

Are you a bridge owner
looking to provide insurance to your users?

Setup a demo call with our team to understand our Insurance SDK.

Clients and Partners

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What is Web3Shield?

Web3Shield is a one-click insurance for all cross-chain transactions on crypto bridges. Users can opt for transaction insurance and mitigate all their worries about potential exploits.

Is Web3Shield an insurance Company?

Web3Shield is not solely an insurance company.  However, one major vertical of Web3Shield is insurance and insurance related products including ‘Crypto Bridge Insurance’.

What is Crypto Bridge Insurance by Web3Shield?

Crypto Bridge Insurance is the first product offering from Web3Shield’s suite of products. 
It provides a hassle free & one click insurance experience to crypto holders while transferring their assets across different chains.

How to avail the Crypto Bridge Insurance?

If you are a bridge user, you can directly opt for the insurance at the time of bridging your funds by tapping Web3Shield’s widget on insured bridges.

If you are a project owner, and want to enable our insurance services for your bridge, please reach out to our support team.

What does the Crypto Bridge Insurance cover?

For the bridge users, it covers end to end transactions against hacks & loss of funds, that means, right from the time of bridging of funds on source chain till the time of receiving of funds on the destination chain.

For the project owners, we provide additional customised coverage plans for project treasuries.

How does the pricing work?

The pricing for the insurance is calculated dynamically everytime. 

It takes in account a lot of factors including but not limited to amount being bridged, bridge being used, security ratings, audit reports, volume on the bridge, number of validators, etc.

    Web3Shield is a product suite that offers innovative User-Centric solutions bringing the power of One-Click Insurance to end-users. 

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